Women empowered to monitor courts in Nangarhar

Mohammad Hanif Hashimi – Provincial Coordinator, Nangarhar

Hasina, a fresh graduate is an active civil society activist in the eastern province of Nangarhar. She along with a number of other women learned about legal proceedings of courts in an awareness-raising training held by Integrity Watch in Nangarhar province.

In response to a question about the training, she replied, “This is the first time I participated in such a training that covered so many important subjects.” According to Hasina, she learned about open trials and the role of defense lawyers, the rights of an accused during the trial and other related legal issues. “Now, I know that as per the Afghan constitution people are allowed to observe in court hearings,” she said.

After the training, Hasina commits to sharing her learnings with other community members that may not know what an open trial is or if they could participate in one and know about basic court procedures. Hasina suggests that there is a need for more of such trainings, especially for women who are less aware of their rights.

Community-Based Monitoring of Trials is a program by Integrity Watch that strives to enhance the capacity and raise awareness of local communities and civil society activists to engage with local courts through monitoring of open trials and sharing their observations and findings with court officials. This is an attempt to bridge the gap between public and courts, increasing the open trials, and improving compliance with the fair trials best practices.