Community volunteers improve construction of dairy product storage in Parwan

Community volunteers flagged the use of low-quality materials to a contractor responsible for building a storage facility for dairy products in the Madadkhel village of Jabalus Saraj district in central Parwan province.

As no action was taken by the company, Abdul Wahid Hashimi, a volunteer who monitored the project right from the word go, raised the issue at a meeting of the Sectorial Monitoring Group — a government and civil society platform addressing local issues in the construction sector at the provincial level.

The group consequently asked the firm to fix the problems. With community and government intervention, the company removed the defective parts and reconstructed several portions of the building.

The project accounting for $32,000 will be used by locals as a dairy product collection center. The initiative aims to boost the local economy and help establish a supply chain to Kabul and other major cities.

The Community-Based Monitoring of Infrastructure is an Integrity Watch-run program that facilitates overseeing public-funded projects such as roads, bridges, schools, mosques, etc.

As part of the programme, more than a hundred projects were monitored and 353 problems detected last year. Eighty percent of them were resolved. The programme has been underway in Parwan, Kapisa, Balkh, Herat, Bamyan, and Kabul.