Community action in Herat enable students enjoy a roof over their head

Aziza Rahimi, Local monitor of CBM-S program, Herat

Khalailullah Khalili secondary school is located in Herat city. It was founded in 2011 and has more than 2400 students. With four shifts, the newly established school did not have enough classrooms to accommodate students of one shift. As a result, in every shift, 10 classrooms had to study in the open air under the sun. The students were not happy with the situation. They faced many issues that interrupted their study including dusty air, rain, and hot weather conditions. Lack of classrooms increased absenteeism and even caused many students to transfer to other schools far away from the area.

In February 2017, the school was selected for monitoring under the Community Based Monitoring program of schools by Integrity Watch and local Shura. Firstly, the volunteers organized a gathering where the principal of the school was also present, others included members of community development council, parents of students, community elders and the local monitors. The participants were briefed about the issue. It was decided to divide the district into six parts and people in every part should make an equal financial contribution to the construction of additional classrooms. With the cooperation of the local community, six new classrooms and two guard rooms with a total value of $5,800 were constructed.

The school environment is now satisfying for both students and teachers. The students are not studying outdoor anymore. Most importantly, it has made the locals aware of the important role they can play in the monitoring of their own communities and solving their problem than relying on outside sources.