The Open Government partnership reaches out to people in some eastern provinces to seek their views on governance

In collaboration with the Training Human Rights Association for Afghan Women and the Open Government Partnership Secretariat, Integrity Watch Afghanistan facilitated a consultative workshop in eastern provinces to hear about governance issues faced by the people there. Government officials, civil society and members of the community participated in the event.The views expressed by the people will be collated and included in the National Action Plan II of the Open Government Partnership.

Speaking at the workshop, Shah Mahmoud Miakhel Governor of Nangarhar emphasized that open governance principles need to be imbedded in government departments and said: “people play a crucial role in holding government officials to account by playing their part in participating and monitoring government affairs”. The top public official in the province pointed out to the participants that the government in Nangarhar have now made it easier for the people to access information. He also confirmed that they are  holding open hearing sessions to listen and address various problems faced by the people.