Growing momentum for Open Justice Reform in Afghanistan

Sayed Ikram Afzali, Executive Director | @SIAfzali

On June 13, 2019, Integrity Watch organized 3rd National Integrity Conference with the theme of “Open Justice and Citizens Participation in Justice Institutions.” Over 300 government, donors, and civil society delegates attended the conference. A high-level delegation from the government including Vice-President Sarwar Danish, the Minister of Justice, the Chief Executive of the Supreme, Deputy Attorney General, and more than 10 senior Judges from Kabul and other Provinces attended the event. Vice President Danish’s clear and ambitious statement during the conference to support the open justice reform and his commitment to adopt the Afghanistan Open Justice Resolution into reform action plans is an indication of high-level commitment of the government to reforming the justice sector.
The growing momentum for open justice reform is an unprecedented development in the recent history of state-building in Afghanistan. It is unprecedented both because it is a home-grown initiative and also because the demonstration of will to open justice reform seems to be based on a genuine understanding of the issue both by the government and the civil society. Read more…