Public Finance Management


  Open Budget Survey Afghanistan 2019

 Budget Analysis Report

adobe-pdf-icon-logo-vector-01-e1479982135549  Afghanistan Open Budget Survey 2017 (summary)

adobe-pdf-icon-logo-vector-01-e1479982135549  Open Budget Survey 2017

  The Numbers Game: Analysis of the National Budget 2018

  Curbing Illicit Financial Flows in Afghanistan

  National Budget 2016

  Open Budget Survey 2015

  Open Budget Survey 2015 Country Summary Afghanistan

  Community Scorecard of Kabul Municipality 2016

  Open Budget Survey 2012- Country Summary Afghanistan

  Open Budget Survey 2012

  Open Budget Index, 2009

  The Role of Civil Society in Provincial Budgeting in Afghanistan

  Aid Effectiveness At Sub-National Level


Defense and Security

  Senior Appointments and Corruption within Kabul City Police

  Senior Appointments and Corruption within Afghan MOl: Practice and Perception

  Transition To Afghan Control In 2014

  On Afghanistan’s Roads: Extortion and Abuse against Drivers


Extractive Sector

  The Plunderers of Hope – Political Economy of Five Major Mines – 2015

  Women and Afghanistan’s extractive industries

  Comparative Study of Mining Sector

  Ajigak Baseline Survey

  Aynak A Concession for Change

  Chromite Extraction in Kunar, Factor of Instability 2013

  Hajigak – The Jewel of Afghan Mines 2011

  Hajigak – The Jewel of Afghan Mines 2011 – Environmental Friendly Copy

  The Aynak Copper Mine: Assessment of Threats and Opportunities for Development, 2008


Public Services

 National Corruption Survey 2018

Citizen Report Card on Municipal Services in Afghanistan 2017

adobe-pdf-icon-logo-vector-01-e1479982135549  State of public health care delivery in Afghanistan

  Review of Wakil-e-Gozars’ Duties and Their Relationship with Administrative Corruption

  Review of Wakil-e-Gozars’ Duties and Their Relationship with Administrative Corruption


General Corruption Issues

 Energy Research Report

adobe-pdf-icon-logo-vector-01-e1479982135549 EDUCATION COMPROMISED? A Survey of Schools in 10 Provinces of Afghanistan


Afghans’ Access to Information Survey 2017

Promise to Practice: Monitoring global progress of the 2016

 Religious Leaders Fight Against Corruption in Afghanistan

National Integrity System Assessment Afghanistan 2015

  Gender Aspects of Development and Community Involvement

   Corruption perceptions and risks in humanitarian assistance: an Afghanistan case study, 2007

  Criminal Capture of Afghanistan’s Economy

  Afghan road reconstruction: deconstruction of a lucrative assistance, 2006

  The Reconstruction Survey, 2005

  Mobilizing Communities for Court Watch

   Survey on Afghan perception of corruption in NGO (3000 persons, 18 provinces), 2008

   Afghan’s experience of corruption, a study across seven provinces (UNDP), 2007

   Survey on Afghan perception of corruption (1250 persons and 13 provinces), 2006



  Corruption and Justice Delivery in Kunduz Province

  Policy Note: Lessons From Community-Based Monitoring of Courts in Five Provinces of Afghanistan

  Shadow Justice: How the Taliban run their judiciary


Social Accountability

  Access to Information in Afghanistan

   Bringing accountability back in: from subjects of aid to citizens of a state, 2008

  Assessing the NSP: the role of accountability in reconstruction, 2006


Manuals and Toolkits

  Integrity Manual for Afghanistan, 2009