Integrity Watch Afghanistan Celebrates International Anti-Corruption Day in Balkh

By: Wahidullah Azizi, Integrity Watch Afghanistan

Integrity Watch celebrated the International Anti-corruption Day in Mazar-e-Sharif on Monday 9th December with a conference involving representatives of civil society organizations, journalists, teachers, integrity volunteers and government officials.

Mr. Aziz Mubariz, Provincial Coordinator of Integrity Watch welcomed the guests and called on all citizens to take a stand against corruption. Mr. Ahmad Bashir Tawhidi, Deputy Governor of Balkh Province, termed the conference an opportunity to hear from the people about the issues of corruption. He said that participation of citizens in the fight against corruption was essential to bring about good governance.

Abdul Hamid Safwat, Head of the Civil Society Organizations Union in Balkh Province highlighted the importance of recommendations proposed by civil society in order to reduce corruption. Representative of the Independent Administrative Reforms and Civil Services Commission (IARCSC), Mr Ahmad Zaki thanked Integrity Watch for organizing the conference. He said that the recommendations of the participants of the conference would help his office to fight corruption and ensure integrity in the exams processes for appointments of government employees.