More than 400 Integrity Volunteers in nine provinces commit to monitor public services

Integrity Watch has begun training of Integrity Volunteers in nine provinces following their commitment to monitor public services such as infrastructure projects, schools, and open trials. So far, it has successfully completed the trainings for Integrity Volunteers in Kapisa, Balkh, Herat and Nangarhar provinces. In the first round of the program, 180 volunteers from the four mentioned provinces received an extensive seven-day training.

The volunteers include individuals from civil society groups, NGOs, local communities, religious leaders, teachers, women, and other locals who have been introduced by local communities.  Around 45 volunteers have been selected for each of the nine provinces.

The trainings transfer the necessary know-how and provide tools to the local volunteers monitoring construction projects, schools, and trials in order to promote social accountability. In these trainings the participants are trained on how to access information, community monitoring, monitoring process, and advocacy at the local level. The trainings also provide opportunities to the participants to practically learn how to use monitoring techniques, filing survey and monitoring forms, and to practice access to information tools.

The first round of the trainings started on March 25 and lasted for 4 to 6 days. The second round will begin on April 8 in Kabul, Bamyan, Parwan, Paktia, and Kunduz.  Overall, 405 integrity volunteers will receive trainings and will use the knowledge and skills for monitoring and identifying shortcomings in the service delivery. Integrity Watch will continue to support the volunteers throughout the monitoring process.