Mock trials raise public awareness on how a fair judicial trial should take place in Balkh

Integrity Watch recently organized a demonstration of a “mock court” proceedings. The mock trial session involved the participation of judiciary officials, civil society activists, students, Integrity Watch’s local monitors as well as local community members. More than 60 people participated in the trial, of which nearly 25% of the participants were females to observe this mock trial about a murder case. In total 15 different people performed different roles.

Integrity Watch has been conducting mock trials in order to raise public awareness on fair trial processes. The expectation is that both the actor participants and the audience will learn what they should expect from a court of law if they or someone they know find themselves in front of a court of law.

The Community Based Monitoring of Trials (CBM-T) program has 15 volunteers who monitor court sessions in Balkh province. These volunteers monitor trials in Balkh including the city court, appeals court and Nahri-shahi district court. The findings from trial monitoring is shared with the local communities through conducting feedback meetings as part of awareness and information sharing mechanism.