Integrity Watch to host the CoST initiative for the second consecutive year in Afghanistan

Integrity Watch was elected as the “Host Organization” for the Construction Sector Transparency Initiative, also known as CoST, in Afghanistan. This is the second consecutive year that Integrity Watch is hosting the CoST-Afghanistan. Other participants in the mid-June election were members of civil society, the government, and the private sector. The event was hosted at the Ministry of Economy where the secretariat is housed.

CoST is a global initiative working with governments and civil society to ensure transparency in the construction sector. The initiative is aimed at ensuring public infrastructure construction projects by accountability and transparency.

Afghanistan joined the CoST initiative in 2013. Since then, Integrity Watch Afghanistan has been a member of the Multi-Stakeholders Group of the initiative and has provided administrative and technical support to CoST-Afghanistan secretariat since 2016.  The initiative has produced a scoping study and an assurance manual for implementation of CoST standards in the country.

So far, Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, Ministry of Public Works, and Ministry of Economy have signed MOUs with the initiative to implement CoST standards in their ministries.

It is expected that the initiative would bring the much-needed transparency in the public expenditure on infrastructure development which consumes more than half of the development budget in Afghanistan.