Integrity Watch holds training for civil society actors in Kapisa

Ali Ahmad Mashalafrooz, Provincial Coordinator

Integrity Watch Afghanistan held a two-day capacity building training for civil society organizations in Kapisa province. The purpose of the training was to familiarize the participants with the know-how of engaging with communities, promoting transparency and accountability, and fighting corruption in the local administration.

The participants were introduced to the importance of preventing corruption through community monitoring and effective communications. Apart from these topics, the participants were introduced to fair trial procedures based on the Afghan laws. The civil society members are expected to share the skills and knowledge they learned with their members. Currently, there are more than forty civil society organizations in the province.

Similar training was also held in Balkh, Herat, and Nangarhar earlier this year. The program will be extended to civil society organizations in four more provinces including Kandahar as well as Kunar, Jouzjan, and Farah.