Integrity volunteers ready to fight corruption in Kapisa

By: Ali Ahmad Mashalafroooz, Provincial Coordinator, Kapisa

Integrity Watch conducted a two-day workshop for integrity volunteers (IVs) in Kapisa province on right to information and anti-corruption as well as how to utilize community monitoring tools to engage people in the monitoring of government services. The volunteers are now equipped with the basic knowledge and tools to monitor schools, infrastructure projects, and trials in their communities.

Integrity volunteers work with their communities to improve teaching at schools, monitor implementation of public-funded infrastructure projects and participate in open trials. Currently, the volunteers monitor more than a dozen schools and eight infrastructure projects including a road, a mosque, and several educational institutions across Kapisa province.

In 2017, Integrity Watch has trained more than 400 volunteers in nine provinces to scale up the community-based monitoring program that started back in 2008. During this year, 248 schools, more than 500 cases, and 129 infrastructure projects have been monitored by local volunteers.