Integrity Volunteers prevent misuse in implementation of project awarded by the National Procurement Commission

By: Pashtoon Nahzatyar, Provincial Coordinator, Parwan

While monitoring the construction of teaching building of Parwan University, Muhammad Aslam Majeedi, a local monitor noticed irregularities and low-quality construction materials used in the building in violation of the contract terms. Using low-quality rebar in the building foundation, the existence of stones in the rings and low-quality work was documented by the local monitor and shared with stakeholders.

With the help of Integrity Watch Afghanistan, the issue was shared with the Directorate of Economy of the province for further actions. Subsequently, after a team from the department verified the findings, it was shared with governor’s office. The representative of the construction company was called and the findings were shared with him too. The representative promised to comply with the contract terms and assured quality construction work onwards.


Since then, Integrity Watch’s local monitor is regularly monitoring the construction of the new building and reports the progress to the local council. The construction of the new building will cost a total of $245,000 that is covered by government development budget. The contract was awarded to the construction company through National Procurement Commission.

Currently, more than five thousand students from across Afghanistan are studying at Parwan University in eight different departments.

In 2017, Community-based monitoring of infrastructure program covered nine construction projects including schools, a road, and university. Monitoring of public-funded infrastructure projects such as schools, libraries, roads, and hospitals ensures preventing wastage of money. Integrity Watch is mobilizing communities to monitor construction of infrastructure projects near their areas.  Further, the monitoring is an effective way to engage communities to ask for information and hold the government and contractors accountable.