Earlier Integrity Building Program (IBP) was functioning as Capacity Building Unit (CBU) established in April 2014. Later on, in December 2015, it was renamed as Integrity Building Program (IBP) with certain changes in the scope. IBP activities are aimed at building the capacity of local community members to monitor infrastructure projects, education service delivery, trial proceedings and health service delivery. The role of IBP in building change agents for transforming the society has been significant. Since its establishment, this unit has promoted the culture of accountability, ethics, and integrity on the local level through organizing trainings, workshops and learning camps. IBP has also been engaged in tools and learning material development for all the Community Based Monitoring (CBM) programs. Since the beginning of 2016, this unit is leading a two-year project funded by EU across 9 provinces namely; Kabul, Herat, Nangarhar, Balkh, Kunduz, Bamian, Paktia, Parwan, and Kapisa. A pool of 400 volunteers were trained under this project in 9 provinces on CBM approach to engage with the government to respond to access to information requests, monitor public service delivery as well as strengthen youth capacities to hold government accountable.

In addition, IBP provides support for civil society organizations (CSOs) to scale up and strengthen their oversight role of government reforms through promoting constructive dialogue, accountability, and transparency. The unit has organized a number of trainings to different CSOs on internal corruption control mechanism and introducing CBM as an effective approach to empower local communities to engage with the government, to act with and demand integrity.

At present IBP’s main focus areas are as below:

  1. Promoting CBM on community level
  2. Capacity building of CSOs
  3. Development of learning material for CBM