Below is the organization chart of Integrity Watch. The Director is responsible for overall management and reports to the Board of Directors. The Deputy Director reports directly to the Director and serves as a liaison for the Board of Directors in addition to managing; donor coordination, organizational management issues and providing programmatic support. The Head of Advocacy and Program Support manages advocacy and communication unit plus S/he provides assistance in strategic development of the programs. Integrity Watch four CBM programs and ReCAP plus other heads of departments including Research, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), Finance and Administration report directly to the Director or Deputy director.

Sayed IkrSayed Ikram Afzaliam Afzali
Executive Director

Sayed Ikram Afzali is the Executive Director of Integrity Watch since 2014. Mr. Afzali is also the Chairman of the Oversight Commission on Access to Information since 2015. He has worked in the area of democratic governance with a focus on civil society and anti‐corruption for more than a decade. He has been working with the civil society and media in Afghanistan since 2005. Mr. Afzali has managed and overseen various projects related to policy research, good governance, and anti‐corruption with national and international organizations. He has worked as the Coordinator of the Center for Policy and Human Development at Kabul University, Project Specialist with UNDP, and Civil Society Manager of UNDP Accountability and Transparency Project. Mr. Afzali has completed his post-graduate studies in public administration at London School of Economic and Political Science and has completed his under-graduate studies in political science and public administration at the American University of Afghanistan.

Timothy Gray
Deputy Director

Timothy Gray joined Integrity Watch Afghanistan as Deputy Director in August, 2015. He has over 35 years of corporate finance and investment banking experience working for various international investment banks in New York, Tokyo, London, Jakarta (Indonesia), Dubai (U.A.E.), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Tripoli (Libya) and Almaty (Kazakhstan).  He has been involved in advising both government agencies and private companies and has established, built-up and run full service investment banking operations in Japan, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. Tim attended Bowdoin College in the U.S., Durham University in the U.K. and holds post-graduate degrees from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (M.A., International Economics) and from New York University’s Stern Graduate School of Business Administration (A.P.C., Finance).

Sayed Mustafa Kazemi

Communications & Public Outreach Manager
Sayed Mustafa Kazemi is heading the Communications and Public Outreach department at Integrity Watch Afghanistan. Kazemi has worked for several international and national news agencies for over 6 years and has a working background with the United Nations and Afghan Government’s Election Commission as Head of External Relations Department in Nimruz province. He has studied English Literature and Linguistics. 

Ajmal Khaliqi
Program Manager, Community Based Monitoring of Infrastructure Projects (CBM-I) Ajmal Khaliqi is the Program Manager for Community-Based-Monitoring of infrastructure Program of Integrity Watch Afghanistan. He has been active with civil society since 2010. He has worked as lecturer in Kandahar University Engineering Faculty from 2003 to 2010 during the mentioned time he worked with UNOPS and UN-Habitat as Senior Engineer and trainer. He has a Bachelor degree from Kabul polytechnic university. He has joined Integrity Watch Afghanistan in June 2010.

Asadullah Zemarai
Program Manager, Community Based Monitoring of Extractive (CBM-E)
Asadullah Zemarai is the Program Manager for Community-Based Monitoring of the extractive industry at Integrity Watch. Mr Zemarai has been active with civil society and youth association since 2009. He has worked with the Human Rights Research and Advocacy Consortium Organization (HRRAC) as a senior research and advocacy officer and later as a research and advocacy expert and program manager from Jan 2012 to July 2015. He started his first job with Afghanistan Management and Marketing Consultants (AMMC) as a program officer. Mr. Zemarai has a bachelor degree from Kabul University, Economics Faculty. He joined Integrity Watch Afghanistan in July 2015.

Jamil Alipoor
Program Manager, Community Based Monitoring of Trials (CBM-T)
Jamil Alipoor received his B.A. in social science from Kabul University in 2006. He joined Integrity Watch Afghanistan in 2008 and worked in various capacity including provincial coordinator in Balkh and senior program officer of Community Based Monitoring of Schools (CBM-S). He now manages the Community Based Monitoring of Trials (CBM-T) where he closely works with local monitors mobilizing them to engage in court observation process.

      Ahmadullah Mauj
Program Manager at ReCAP
Ahmadullah Mauj has studied Civil Engineering at Kabul Polytechnic University. Mauj has worked in scheduling and quality control of construction projects. In addition, he has worked at Kabul Engineering Technical Organization, where he has coordinated the capacity building projects funded by UNDP, GiZ, US Embassy and Afghan Government. Mauj has received a scholarship from German Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa) under which he interned for ILTIS GmbH in capacity building and bio-energy projects across East Europe, West Africa and Germany. Under this scholarship, he has conducted a preliminary feasibility study on Bio-Energy in Afghanistan. Mauj has volunteered for 5 years at the national chapter of world’s largest youth-run organization, AIESEC Afghanistan, where he currently serves as a member of Board of Advisors. He joined Integrity Watch Afghanistan in 2015 as Project Coordinator and then was promoted as Program Manager for Reconstruction Assessment Program.

  Ezatullah Adib
Research Manager
Ezatullah Adib is the Research Manager at Integrity Watch. Mr. Adib has extensive experience in leading research projects. He has many years of experience in conducting research in Kabul and in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan undertaking research design, qualitative and quantitative assessments, designing questionnaires, trainings, field data collection and management. He has conducted studies on public opinion, public policy survey research and socio-economic baseline survey. Prior to joining Integrity Watch, he has worked as a national consultant, research coordinator and as a researcher for several research and consulting firms. He has also worked in managerial positions at different international firms. Mr. Adib holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics and management and currently studying international trade in Afghanistan.

TimoryMohammad Naser Timory
Advocacy Manager
Mr. Timory joined Integrity Watch as a researcher in January 2015 and was part of National Integrity System Assessment (2015), Community Score Card of Kabul Municipality (2016), Scoping Study of Construction Sector Transparency Initiative (2016) and Fighting Corruption in Afghanistan: Solving the Institutional Puzzle (2016). He was previously Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy in Herat University and has taught for more than five years. Mr. Timory has a BA in Philosophy from Fergusson College (Pune) and completed his post-graduate studies in International Relations from South Asian University (New Delhi).



Khan Zaman Amerkhail
Integrity Building Manager
Khan Zaman Amarkhail is Integrity Building Manager at Integrity Watch Afghanistan. He joined Integrity Watch as a Project Manager for “Harakat Towards Transparency” program in 2013. He has been an active social and anti-corruption activist and is a co founder of Afghan Anti-Corruption Network. He has 18 years of working experience of working with humanitarian assistance organizations, International organizations, the Afghan government, NGOs and civil society organizations such as Koh-e-Noor Foundation, Japan Medical Services, ICRC, IDLG, and Afghanistan Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (AEITI). Mr Amarkhail holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Business Administration.

    Nazifa Bahar
Operation Manager
Nazifa Bahar is the Operation Manager. Ms. Bahar has more than 10 years of human resources and administration experience.  She began her career in 2005 working for United Nation Human Settlement Program (UNHABITAT), where she worked for 7 years. She was as Human Resource Officer and Monitoring Evaluation Officer with UNHABITAT. Ms. Bahar has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and specialization in Human Resources Management and she will soon graduate in master of Public Management. She joined Integrity Watch in August 2014.

 Khair Mohammad Shpoon 
Finance Manager
Khair Mohammad Shpoon joined Integrity Watch Afghanistan as Finance Manager in 2015. He has earned Bachelor of Science in Geology from Kabul University. Previously, Mr. Shpoon has worked as Finance Manager of Afghanistan Center for Training and Development (ACTD), Finance Director of Agency for Assistance and Development of Afghanistan and Finance Director of IbnSina Afghanistan.

Intizar Khadim    
Accountable Governance Program Manager