Community monitoring contribute to quality of construction projects in Kapisa

Ali Ahmad Mashalafrooz, Coordinator, Kapisa

There are many schools across the country that continue to struggle for having a permanent school building with decent classrooms, clean drinking water and chairs to name a few. Qala Sahra High School for girls is one of those schools that, until recently, did not have a building with classrooms and other needed facilities.

A community member donated 400 square meters of land to the school. It still needed a building. Following efforts made by Integrity Watch’s local monitors and community residents, the school received a fund for the building from an international donor. The construction company that was awarded the contract has almost completed more than eighty percent of the work and is scheduled to complete the remaining work in the next two months.

Integrity Volunteers and community residents regularly monitor the construction of the school building to ensure it is done according to the contract. The monitoring has been a success. Local monitors and community members are satisfied with the pace and quality of the work so far.



Community monitoring is an effective way to assure proper construction of public-funded projects. Integrity Watch’s Community Based Monitoring of Infrastructure program is mobilizing local community to monitor infrastructure projects in their area. Following its success in other provinces, the program was launched in Kapisa province this year. Since then, integrity volunteers have monitored eight public infrastructure projects including a road, a Masjed, and several schools.