Citizens learn judicial procedures through mock trial

As part of community monitoring of open trials, Integrity Watch facilitated mock trials in Bamyan to raise citizens’ awareness about court procedures and principles of fair trials. While entertaining, the mock trial provided the opportunity for participants to learn about court procedures and realize the importance of formal justice.

The mock trial was performed by community-based monitoring of trials (CBM-T) volunteers on 7 December 2017 at Afghan Civil Society Forum Organization venue. Four dozens of participants including shopkeepers, students, journalists, and women watched the show and expressed their views and comments about the performance.

Hakim Javed, Integrity Watch’s assistant in Bamyan, states that “The trials are simulations of real court procedures where the performers wear judges’ uniform, participants are asked to stand up when the judicial panel walks in; there is an attorney, an accused and a defense lawyer in the hall.” Two members of the performing team were two enthusiastic young women. Women play an important role in community monitoring of open trials in Bamyan.