Afghan government pledges to engage public in the mining sector
Following the launch of a feasibility study that provides a roadmap to community monitoring of extractive sites in the country, Integrity Watch held a webinar in which government, civil society and researchers discussed the opportunities and challenges of public engagement in the sector on July 27, 2020. During the webinar, the researchers and civil society  [...]
Local volunteer in Nangarhar ensure community access to health services during COVID-19
Community volunteers monitor a health facility in Nangarhar during covid19   Char Bagh-e-Safa Health Center at Surkhroad District in eastern Nangarhar province was closed to local residents until a local integrity volunteer recently visited the health center during the month of May 2020 after the COVID-19 outbreak. Farhad Ibrahimkhail, the volunteer found that the center’s  [...]
Local volunteer prevents corruption and misuse in Herat Province’s Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital
A community volunteer checks the stock of the Herat Province’s Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital   Lack of attention by the health personnel towards patients has been one of the major problems at Herat Province’s Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital. Shaimagul Nasr-e-lahi, Integrity Watch’s local volunteer noticed during her monitoring visit of this hospital on June 20,  [...]
Webinar Report: Building trust through open budgeting and open contracting during the COVID-19 crisis
Public trust and service delivery in various sectors, particularly health, is inextricably connected to each other especially in handling a pandemic such as the COVID-19. In such situations, the issue of budget and emergency procurement becomes extremely significant. The more there is an open approach to contracts and emergency budgeting, the more this will help  [...]
Fighting corruption in times of corona can save lives
A community volunteer visited a health facility in Mazar-e Sharif in April 2020 to check its preparedness to respond to covid19 Photo credit: Integrity Watch Naseer Aieen and Noorullah Elham, Integrity Watch Afghanistan To respond to the Coronavirus outbreak, a training workshop to collect information on health facilities was organized in mid-April this year in  [...]
Anti-Corruption Updates, April 2020
Kids in Helmand pose for a photo and smile in the midst of a country marred with conflict and corruption Photo credit: Meer Abdullah Naser Timory, Integrity Watch Afghanistan Anti-corruption strategy The last National Anti-Corruption Strategy’s benchmarks period ended in December 2019. However, the next round of benchmarks has not been developed yet. The government  [...]
Is rural Afghanistan ready to fight COVID-19? Lessons from a Field Study
Integrity Watch Afghanistan conducted a survey of 184 health facilities in 8 provinces in 2017. The survey  found out that Afghanistan has improved in terms of existence of health facilities in rural areas but these facilities were in urgent need of essential assistance.   The survey found out that 99% of the health facilities were  [...]
Integrity Watch scales up its community monitoring program to fight COVID-19
In late March 2020, Integrity Watch decided to scale up its existing community monitoring of health services to cover an approximate additional number of seventy health facilities including those providing health services to COVID-19 patients. The community monitoring of health facilities has also introduced a new checklist that includes preventative measures against COVID-19 in health  [...]
Balkh Integrity Network Meets Local Health Officials to Coordinate Joint Efforts to Fight COVID-19
Integrity Watch’s Balkh Integrity Network met with the Provincial Public Health Directorate to discuss mechanisms and ways to coordinate civil society efforts to assist the government to fight the Coronavirus outbreak. The civil society group offered to oversee the use of funds and the government officials involved  welcomed the initiative.   Mr. Aziz Mubariz, Integrity  [...]
The Whistle Blower Protection Law Protects an Afghan Mullah
Anayatullah Alami, Integrity Watch Afghanistan Sayed Mohammad Arif Wazeen, a Mullah and officer in the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs (MHRA), who raised concerns about the existence of administrative corruption and the existence of ghost imams received protection against punitive actions of higher officials under Whistle Blower Protection Law for the first time in  [...]
Integrity Watch Afghanistan Conducts Access to Information and Social Audit Trainings in Five Provinces
Rasool Ehsany, Integrity Watch Afghanistan Integrity Watch facilitated access to information and social audit trainings in Kapisa, Kandahar, Nangarhar, Balkh and Herat provinces in November and December 2019. The purpose of the trainings was to build demand for access to information and to raise the awareness of the participants about the Access to Information Law  [...]
Integrity Watch helps Macroryan Residents Against Winter Harsh Cold Spell
The Makroryan Central Heating System which keeps thousands of residential apartments warm in winter in Kabul, restarted functioning as a result of the advocacy efforts of Integrity Watch. The heating system was supposed to be active from December 6, 2019 for three months. However, a month’s delay was caused due to procurement issues and negligence  [...]
Community monitoring stops construction of low-quality canal in Herat
Zohera Aminpoor, Integrity Watch Afghanistan  The Shogofan canal project is a two-section irrigation construction in Herat Province. The project is part of efforts by the government to bring flood relief to the communities that lie in the delta of the canals in the region. The construction was marred with irregularities and misconduct. However, as a  [...]
Communities attending trials becoming normal despite court’s lack of resources
Pashtoon Nahzatyar, Integrity Watch Afghanistan On January 28th , fifteen community volunteers and a huge number of citizens participated in an open trial conducted by Primary Court of Kabul. During the trial, the participants observed court proceedings which included observing the uniforms of judicial staff, the presence of an advocate representing the defendant, the presence  [...]
Citizens participation remains minimal in the National Budget
Integrity Watch published its report on the National budget 2019 in a press conference on Sunday, December 23, 2018. The total National Budget for 2019 is estimated to be AFN 399 billion (USD 5.3 billion) comprised of AFN 275 billion (USD 3.7 billion) for the Operating Budget and AFN 124 billion (USD 1.6 billion) for  [...]
A community-based approach to reshaping health services
Wahidullah Azizi & Saida Azimi, Integrity Watch Afghanistan Decades of war in Afghanistan have destroyed much of its already fragile infrastructure, including the provision of medical services which are a precious commodity for the health of citizens and society as a whole. Whilst the past one and a half decade have brought some upgrades to  [...]
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