Civil Society: The Geneva Conference on Afghanistan should pave the way for a new approach to state building in Afghanistan
24 November 2020, Kabul, Afghanistan—In a press statement following a gathering to discuss the Afghanistan Partnership Framework (APF), and Afghanistan National Peace & Development Framework II (ANPDF)  Afghan civil society calls on the Afghan government and the international community to ask some serious questions with regard to this unsuccessful state-building effort in order to overhaul the  [...]
The Government violated the Anti-Corruption Law in creating a political Anti-Corruption Commission
November 17, 2020, Kabul, Afghanistan- The largest coalition of Afghan civil society organizations (CSOs), the Civil Society Joint Working Group (CSJWG) in held a news conference to highlight their objections to the recent illegal appointment of the Anti-Corruption Commissions’ (ACC) Commissioners. The CSJWG believes that the government has deliberately broken the terms of the Anti-Corruption  [...]
Survey: Urban governance and service delivery has regressed in spite of big success claims by the government
October 22, 2020, Kabul—A survey of eleven municipalities by Integrity Watch shows that in spite of government’s claim of more investment and success, the level of satisfaction by citizens with municipal services in the country is backtracking. In particular, Kabul Municipality not only failed to improve since 2015 but has reduced further from its low  [...]
Integrity Watch report indicates serious flaws in governance of the ACB
September 5, 2020, Kabul—New research by Integrity Watch on the governance of the Afghan Cricket Board (ACB) shows that while the cricket team has recorded incredible success on the field, the Board itself lacks transparency, accountability and governance & corruption prevention measures. The report highlights that the procedures for the appointment of board members are  [...]
Integrity Watch survey: Health facilities need urgent attention to help fight COVID-19 in Afghanistan
August 20 2020, Kabul—A survey of seven hundred health facilities in thirteen provinces shows that the procedures for screening of visitors at the health centers are very often not being followed. The survey also demonstrates that the Afghan Government and the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) urgently need to improve their oversight and evidence-based decision  [...]
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