Integrity Watch calls on Afghan government to engage with communities to develop the mining sector
July 27, 2020, Kabul—Integrity Watch’s new study of community engagement in the mining sector shows that the role of local communities in mining areas is very weak and the government has not institutionalized public engagement through any long-term strategy. The report provides the ground and a working basis for civil society organization willing to develop  [...]
Civil society raises concerns over the nomination of the Governor of the Da Afghanistan Bank and his questionable actions following his nomination
June 27, 2020 Kabul—A number of Afghan civil society organizations have raised a number of concerns over the nomination of Ajmal Ahmadi as Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank or the Central Bank. Ajmal Ahmadi was formerly Minister of Commerce and close aide to the President. The civil society organisations also raised questions about his recent  [...]
Civil Society urges government leadership to commit to independence of the judiciary and having oversight, and regulatory institutions following a political deal
Friday, June 5, 2020 – Kabul: Civil Society organizations urged President Ashraf Ghani and the Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah to commit to independence of the judiciary and to having oversight and regulatory institutions following a deal to end the political turmoil which followed the disputed election results. The deal  [...]
Integrity Watch: The Afghan government must focus on the immediate needs of health facilities to cope with Covid-19
17 May 2020, Kabul, Afghanistan—In the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, new research by Integrity Watch shows that the Afghan health facilities face operational and maintenance challenges; weak personnel management and less than effective oversight by the Ministry of Public Health. The report places a call on the Afghan government to engage in direct consultation  [...]
Integrity Watch joins global civil society fraternity calling on governments to take emergency action for vulnerable mining communities
As COVID-19 sweeps the globe, affecting the health and lives of millions, the pandemic is wreaking further economic havoc on the lives of artisanal, small scale miners and their communities. 83% of the world’s mining workforce relies on these mines for their livelihood. That comes to roughly 40.5 million people. These people were vulnerable before  [...]
Integrity Watch: Oversight and justice institutions should remain independent of any political deal
11 May, 2020, Kabul, Afghanistan—Integrity Watch expressed its concerns over the recent talks between the government and different political groups to reach a deal including the distribution of the justice, regulatory, and oversight institutions as part of a potential power-sharing agreement. The civil society warned against any attempt to further politicize these institutions which are  [...]
Open Budget Survey 2019: Afghan Government fails to further open up its budget as reform efforts stall
April 30, 2020, Kabul, Afghanistan—Amidst concern over weak oversight of the government’s response to the corona virus outbreak, the Open Budget Survey (OBS) 2019 results, released today in Kabul, indicate stagnation in the reform of public finance management. The OBS results show that Afghanistan’s National Budget transparency rating improved only one point from 49 to  [...]
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