Community volunteers revive school environment in Kabul
Pashtoon Nahzatyar, Provincial Coordinator, Kabul Billions of dollars in aid money have been spent in the education sector in the last one and a half decades. But that does not mean problems of schools can be solved without community contribution. Even in Kabul, many schools are in a desperate position. Mohammad Akbar, an Integrity Volunteer  [...]
Students in Kapisa and Parwan take responsibility to improve education quality
Mohammad Mashouq Safi and Wahidullah Azizi In June 2018, Integrity Watch provided training to four hundred student volunteers in Kapisa and Parwan provinces on the methods of promoting transparency and integrity through monitoring of their schools’ operations. In 2017, Integrity Watch facilitated a community monitoring program in nine schools in Kapisa province where volunteers were  [...]
Local school in Parwan gets a boundary wall after thirty years
Abdul Hanan Rahnaward, Program Assistant, Parwan Sadullah High school for boys is located about seven kilometers from the central Charikar City. The school had no boundary wall for over thirty years after its establishment. Though the school is faced with several other issues, the problem of no boundary wall stood out as a priority since  [...]
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